AI for Talent

NimbleCat's AI finds quality candidates just like humans do. Now that's a tantalizing notion! And we'll be glad to tell you how this can work for you.

Or, take a few minutes to get an overview of the Talent Acquisition funnel, see where NimbleCat fits, and find out why you should use it. According to recent surveys, 73% of talent acquisition technology vendors incorporate some kind of AI into their software. Let's take a look at how AI techniques are being incorporated into the Talent Acquisition funnel.


Discovery software either aggregates information from the public Internet, "stitches" candidate profiles together, and makes them available for search. Or the software searches the Internet for public profiles real-time and surfaces candidates who meet particular and often unique criteria.


AI solutions for candidate screening use either contextual search or value assessment. They select from candidates in your ATS as well as those sourced manually or via automation. Contextual search tools use AI to infer related skills. Job matching tools match candidates against a job description. Value assessment tools use machine learning to rank candidate value for a broader profession, rather than a particular job description.


Modern engagement solutions use chatbots to accelerate candidate engagement. Chatbots use Natural Language Processing and AI techniques to engage with promising candidates.


Analytics solutions either quantify the efficiency of the recruiting process, or the value of the company's talent pool. Solutions that quantify the value of the talent pool guide companies' branding spend and measure the impact of these investments.

Where NimbleCat Fits

NimbleCat provides solutions for the top two layers of the Talent Acquisition funnel: Discovery and Screening. Talent Discovery finds candidates based on profiles previously selected by recruiters and hiring managers. This lets the NimbleCat AI surface candidates from industries and domains that had not been considered previously. One of our clients who expected to hire from the EDA industry, ended up reviewing candidates with High Performance Computing background instead..

Talent Search is a patented solution for candidate screening. Our AI uses a unique candidate value metric across profession and leadership to present the most relevant candidates. The platform is trained by experts to identify high value candidates by profession. We've also patented techniques that place each candidate on a scale between Junior and Experienced. This guides recruiters who are hiring for rapidly evolving professions like Machine Learning and Data Science. Even seasoned recruiters may not have hired for these professions, so NimbleCat acts as a domain expert for them.

Talent Analytics measures the value of your Talent Pool and enables your team to answer questions like: how many product managers with leadership experience do we have in our talent pool? Or, did our career page on LinkedIn increase the number of software engineers who applied to our jobs?

NimbleCat is Unique

NimbleCat's AI finds quality candidates just like humans do. It uses patented techniques to identify the highest-value candidates as well as those who can grow into senior roles.

The platform can be rapidly trained for high -demand professions like Machine Learning and Self Driving Cars. It can also be customized to unique professions that a particular company or industry needs to hire for.

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